Consultation is now closed

Public consultation on the review of coal fired power station environment protection licences is now closed.

Thank you for your feedback on the review of coal fired power station environment protection licences. The NSW Environment Protection Authority (EPA) received over 100 submissions. Feedback on the review of coal fired power station environment protection licences has been reviewed and considered. Read the consultation summary in our document library.

Why it matters

Coal fired power station environment protection licences

The EPA has a comprehensive and robust framework for regulating coal fired power stations in NSW.

We require power station operators to meet legally enforceable conditions relating to air, water, noise, land contamination, waste and other operational matters designed to protect the community and the environment.

The EPA has recently progressed a number of strategic initiatives across the operational power stations, to address air emissions and increase transparency around the generation and re-use of coal ash.

Consultation summary

We heard specific feedback and opportunities to consider on the four licences and on our broader regulation of power stations.

The EPA issues environment protection licences to power station operators. Once a licence is issued, the licence remains in force until it is suspended, revoked or surrendered. We progressively change licences to ensure they reflect best practice.

We also review each licence at least once every five years. It is now time to review the licences for Bayswater, Eraring, Mount Piper and Vales Point coal fired power stations.

The EPA is inviting public feedback as part of our review to ensure we reduce risks to human health and the environment from coal fired power stations.

We want to get your feedback on:

  • Licence conditions

  • Community access to information

Your privacy

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