We consulted on the paper NSW Plastics Next Steps, outlining proposed further action on plastic in NSW, for fourteen weeks from Sunday 29 October until Sunday 4 February 2024.

Why it matters

NSW banned some plastic items in 2022, but more action needs to happen

Thank you for your feedback on this consultation. The NSW Environment Protection Authority (EPA) received over 4500 survey responses and written submissions. Feedback is now being reviewed and considered.

In 2022 NSW began to tackle problematic plastics by phasing out the supply of items such as lightweight plastic bags; plastic single-use cutlery, bowls (without spill-proof lids), plates, stirrers and straws; and plastic microbeads in some rinse-off personal care products.

We need to build on our work by targeting additional problematic or unnecessary plastic items.

The Plastic Reduction and Circular Economy Act 2021 gives us the tools to do this, by allowing us to:

  • phase out the supply of problematic or unnecessary plastic items
  • set design standards for plastic items, including requirements for the way an item must be made, packaged or labelled
  • make brand owners responsible for regulated products across their life cycle, from product design to recycling or disposal.

In this paper we identify some plastic items that:

  • are frequently littered
  • release microplastics into the environment
  • contain harmful chemical additives
  • are proposed to be regulated in other states and territories.
We need to come together and act to prevent harm to human health and the environment.

NSW Plastics: Next Steps

We encourage your views on the underlying rationale and proposed actions and what else we could be doing.

We would like your feedback on possible actions across three areas:

  • Reducing plastic litter

  • Action on harmful chemicals and microplastics

  • Keeping pace on plastic action

Ways to have your say

Public consultation on the paper is now closed.

We received your feedback by:

  • Completing the short survey below
  • Providing a written submission.

If you would prefer to provide written feedback, please upload it here.

NSW Plastics: Next Steps survey

Our survey closed on Sunday 4 February 2024. We are reviewing your feedback.

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