We sought your feedback on proposed changes to the regulations when we released a draft Regulatory Impact Statement (RIS) for public consultation from 4 April until 13 May 2022. We have taken your comments into consideration in finalising the regulation.

A summary of EPA responses to the issues raised in your comments can be found in the Document Library on this page..

Why it matters

Regulations for the transport of dangerous goods

The Dangerous Goods (Road and Rail Transport) Regulation 2022 specifies requirements for transporting dangerous goods by road and rail to manage risks to human health and the environment.

The remade regulation includes changes to strengthen safety, maintenance, inspection, packaging approval and incident notification requirements. It represents best practice regulation consistent with national Transport of Dangerous Goods Model Laws.

Remake of the Regulation

The Dangerous Goods (Road and Rail Transport) Regulation 2022 replaces the Regulation 2014.

The 2022 Regulation updates the existing Regulation 2014 by clarifying safety requirements including:

  • requiring roll stability systems to be fitted, maintained and operational on dangerous goods tanker vehicles.
  • mirroring route restrictions from the NSW Road Rules that prohibit transporting certain dangerous goods on certain roads and tunnels
  • strengthening vehicle maintenance, testing and inspection, and incident reporting requirements
  • specifying that the competent authority may authorise a qualified engineer NATA accredited laboratory, NSW government agency or statutory body to approve packaging designs on their behalf
  • adjusting licensing and other fees for inflation from 2023/24
  • updating wording and layout to better align with the national Transport of Dangerous Goods Model Laws.

The Regulatory Impact Statement sets out the rationale and objectives of the proposed changes and assesses their costs and benefits.

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